We take care of the shipment management from the logistics coordination with the shipping company for the collection, review of documents, classification of tariff items, compliance with regulations and standards (NOM’S), correct labeling with information in Spanish until the shipment is released. Nationalization of product or sent to fiscal deposit to with benefit to defer taxes.


Our sales team is focused on customer service. With experience in different sales channels such as self-service, department stores, pharmacies, mass market, price clubs and online sales. With their knowledge of the market and the consumer, they are directly in charge of negotiations with clients, follow up on their requests, analyze the performance of the brand to detect opportunities and risks, always focused on results.


Experts in product evaluation to determining opportunities by sales channel. Our main objective is the positioning and brand construction through combined strategies between public relations plans, point of sale implementations and digital marketing RRSS.


Our warehouse is fully equipped to complete the entire supply chain. Quality control begins with the receipt of shipments, merchandise counts, and storage. We take care of the reception and validation of orders, picking & packing under a correct assortment and labeling, appointment scheduling, freight and we comply with the delivery requirements by Cedis.

Business Intelligence

We know how important it is to have enough inventory and be able to anticipate the seasons, which is why our demand planning team prepares reports on placement, sales and months of inventory that analyze and provide information to respond to demand and anticipate risks.

Team of promoters

We cover all the republic, where we monitor the implementations in stores such as: placement of displays, promotional flags, correct prices, cleaning and display regarding planogram, we also monitor the activities of the competition. The promoters are in charge of negotiating additional exhibition spaces.